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Sixteen Eighty Five ~ music from the baroque ... and before


Sixteen Eighty Five:

1: Noun: The year 1685 AD, in which Bach, Handel and Scarlatti were born.

2: Noun: A goup of musicians based in Lincoln, UK, devoted to recreating the music of these composers, and music of others from the baroque and before.


We take the year 1685 as our name, as it is the year in which some of our favourite composers were born. J S Bach, George Frederick Handel and Domenico Scarlatti all first drew breath in "our" year.

We love the music of the baroque and these three composers brought this musical era to its logical conclusion.

We also take interest and pleasure in the music earlier than the baroque and always include some renaissance or medieval gems in our concerts.


Last updated: 10 June 2015